PCCs, Guidance Notes and Directives

The FIC develops various products: Public Compliance Communications (PCCs), guidance notes and notices – to provide practical guidance on compliance with the FIC Act.

Before being finalised, draft versions of guidance are published, to enable accountable institutions, supervisory bodies and other affected entities and individuals to provide feedback. The comments received are considered before guidance products are updated, where necessary.

​PCCs and Guidance Notes are published by the FIC in terms of its statutory function under section 4(c) of the FIC Act.

Directives are issued by the FIC in terms of section 43A (1) of the FIC Act. Click here to read more about Directives.

For more assistance with compliance-related matters, please click here to submit your query or contact the FIC on +27 12 641 6000.

For full compliance obligations and information, please consult the FIC Act booklet.

 Public Compliance Communications

 PCCs Withdrawn by the FIC

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